target groups

Our main target groups are neurologic patients with limited cognitive, basal abilities due to acquired or inborn neurologic injuries of the central nervous system.



  • To analyze and determine the deficiencies of patients, with regards to functionality and use of Microsoft Pixelsense, through value-adding criteria such as direct interaction, multi-touch, multi-user, construction of the table, and object recognition.

  • To analyze and determine the therapy application of, and especially the requirement of patients on the software system.

  • To develop training software-modules which address the concrete functional deficiencies.

  • To set-up a pilot study within the scope of the evaluation of the prototypes in the ethical review committee.
"After my stroke,
I couldn't concentrate very well anymore.
The game on the touch-screen table was a fun way to train in therapy." 
(Johann B., 60 years)
"In the beginning,
I really had to work at it, but over time, the training became easier." 
(Hermine S., 54 years)